About Us & our Wedding Party



Wendy Long & Jonathan Schwartz

Wendy was born and raised in LA and is the youngest in a family of four children. She went to university in Santa Barbara and then kept making her way north where she spent 8 years in the Bay Area until she reached Seattle, Washington in 2011. We’re glad she did cause she met Jonathan just two weeks after moving to the pacific north west. Lucky girl!

Jonathan was born in Montréal, Quebec and is the oldest of two children. The family moved around a bit and was raised in Montreal and Toronto, Ontario. In 1996 he headed west to Vancouver, British Columbia where after 13 years he accepted a job offer and moved to Seattle in 2009. After two years of living in America, he came across Wendy’s captivating smile, was enraptured and had to introduce himself. Lucky guy!


The Families


Irene & Henry Long

Wendy’s mother & father

Irene and Henry Long are both ethnically Chinese but were born and raised in Vietnam where they met. The family speaks both Cantonese and Hakka, a Chinese dialect. They arrived in Southern California with their two small children, Diane and Van in 1974. They eventually settled in Los Angeles and had two more children, Walter and Wendy.


Ginette Raymond

Jonathan’s Mother

Ginette is French-Canadian, born, raised and currently still residing in Montréal. She is self-employed in promotional and health business sales. She enjoys the company of others and likes to keep herself very busy with reading, walking, dancing, cooking and work. And she loves dogs (but hasn’t met Baxter yet.)


Peter Schwartz
& Jan Moreau

Jonathan’s father & wife

Peter immigrated to Montréal at the age of two and a half. His background is chemistry and economics and taught economics and labour relations in college and university, while Jan is a nurse. He enjoys basketball and reading, she loves gardening, and together they enjoy skiing, golfing and traveling. The warmer months of the year are spent at their home in Collingwood, Ontario while the colder months are spent at their condo in Florida. They’re what we call “snowbirds”!


The Ladies


Susan Vong

Maid of Honor

Susan and Wendy met when they were still in their diapers and have been friends ever since. They have shared many laughs as well as tears together and Wendy could not imagine a life growing up without her partner in crime. As kids and even till today, you can find them giggling away and sometimes for no apparent reason.


Helen Vong


Helen and Wendy have known each other since their were very little but became great friends when Helen introduced Wendy to boys and nightclubs 🙂 Helen is Susan’s older sister and in many ways has cared for Wendy just as an older sibling would. Helen has two girls of her own.


Nancy Green


Nancy and Wendy met in college at UCSB where they were roommates in Isla Vista during their junior and senior years. College years would not have been the same if Wendy didn’t have Nancy to share them with. Nancy is married and has two children.


Cindy Ha


Cindy is also from LA and went to high school with Nancy. She lived in San Francisco where she met Wendy and they became fast friends. To the delight of Wendy, Cindy also made her way north and now lives in Seattle.


The Men


Josh Holmes

Best Man

Josh and Jonathan have known each other and worked together since 2003, quickly bonding over basketball, taste in entertainment, food and high quality bars. Josh is an amazing cook and a fierce competitor. Over the years, he and his wife Caitlin welcomed their two children Sophia & Ronin into the world all the while opening their arms, their home and their hearts to Uncle Jonathan, sharing meals, travels and their lives with him making him feel like part of the family.


Chad Pfarr

Groomsman & Officiant

Chad arrived in Seattle by way of the Bay Area just over two years ago, when he became Jonathan’s manager. They have since discovered that they work well together professionally and personally. Chad and his wife Karen have two beautiful daughters, Cleo and new baby Leonie. This is Chad’s first time marrying someone.


Dan Ayoub


Dan and Jonathan have worked together for a number of years. He and his wife Dominique hail from Montréal, Quebec and now live in Seattle. Jonathan tries to practice his French with them, but always forgets. They have a big baby boy named Liam and are expecting another bundle of joy right around the time of the wedding.


Chad Forbes


Chad Forbes hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. Chad is an avid squash player, amazing cook, excellent photographer and has a contagious laugh. He also cared for baby Baxter when he was just 11 weeks old. Chad is a dietician for Vancouver Coastal Health and lives with his girlfriend Lauren, with their Boston Terrier (and Baxter’s BFF) Bozley.

Derek Stewart


Also known as Mountain Man, Derek re-introduced Jonathan to years of camping and even convinced him to go downhill mountain biking a few times. They have a shared love of music, movies and BBQ. Derek enjoys all things outdoors, fly fishing and whiskey. He and his wife Jodi live on Burnaby Mountain in Burnaby, British Columbia and regularly enjoy their cabin in Mount Baker, Washington.


Chris Young


Chris and Jonathan bonded quickly through a shared love of Apple products, music, graphic design and course humour. He has spent his career working as a print and digital designer and to this day — yes, even in his advanced years — is still an avid BMXer. He and his wife Katie were married last August in St. John, New Brunswick. They live in Burnaby, British Columbia with their bengal cat Jinx and enjoying gardening together.