About the Venue



Once a 1980s smog-check center, SmogShoppe is now a 100% solar-powered, private 6,500 square foot indoor/outdoor haven for desert plants, vertical gardens and chic vintage furnishings.



The Greenest Venue in Los Angeles and the US!

SmogShoppe is one of the most sustainably designed urban spaces both in Los Angeles and in the United States. The space exceeds (in many cases by more than double!) nearly every requirement in every category for the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certification (qualifying for up to 55 points of our 57).  We limited the impact from demolition and construction by using over 80% of the existing structure and then used over 90% Green certified or salvaged and/or locally produced building materials. Salvaged metal and wood was scrapped from the demolition and recycled to make our furniture.


Only the most efficient heating/cooling and mechanical systems were incorporated along with enough solar panels to generate over 100% of our annual electrical energy needs. A 10,000 gallon storm water management system, a 1,500 gallon rainwater tank, and over 2,000 sq ft of drought tolerant vertical gardens keep us water-wise. As a result, it uses less energy than a typical 2 bedroom home. In addition, many of our vintage decorations and furnishings were found by scouring flea markets, vintage sites, and estate sales. We have repurposed these items and given them a new home at SmogShoppe.

Strategically located over-sized courtyard doors and skylights are passive lighting, cooling and heating elements that not only improve the quality of being here, but also help minimize energy usage throughout the year by taking full advantage of our sunny, breezy Los Angeles climate.

SmogShoppe encourages and supports green events and introduces clients to green planners, stylists and other resources. SmogShoppe also diligently recycles.

SmogShoppe’s multi-use nature lowers its environmental footprint – one building performing as three or more: production studio, gallery, private event space, garden wedding venue, etc.

Selected images from SmogShoppe’s Gallery